Engine of Growth

Submitted by: Regions Bank

During 2010 rice growers in Arkansas experienced hot dry weather at critical times that damaged their crops. The damage was evident in cracked and broken rice that was difficult to market.  At one time the local grain buyers were full and unable to accept new sales. When sales did occur they were at distressed prices. Over 30 grower were affected. The resolution was to hold the rice until liquidity returned to the market. To accommodate the growers cash flow needs lines were increased or partially termed.  

2011 was an interesting year with spring floods and summer droughts. As a result floods in Missouri and in Louisiana many growers lost many fields due to floods and were unable to replant due to floods receding too slowly to allow replanting. We helped customers in these areas by restructuring term loan repayments to match alternative cash flows.

2001 summer droughts caused significant problems in South GA where dry land crops withered and irrigation ponds and wells went dry. Regions helped with new well and irrigation systems that allowed the operators to expand the percentage of irrigated acres.