Engine of Growth

Submitted by: M&T Bank

Willa Robertson has been helping the government run more efficiently for 20 years. As the owner and founder of Advanced Automation Technologies, Inc. (AAT), Robertson and her team of 45 employees provide program support and information technology services to the federal government.

The company, based in Largo, Md., has been bidding for and winning government contracts since its founding in 1991. AAT has been chosen for projects for the Government Accountability Office, Department of Education, Department of Justice, Department of Housing and Urban Development, National Institutes of Health and the Department of Homeland Security, among others. The company’s expertise and proven track record keep business rolling in, but without the assistance of M&T Bank, AAT would not be able to grow and thrive.

“To bid on government contracts, you have to show that you are financially sound,” says Robertson. “I count on M&T to stand behind us and put in a good word with our new business prospects.”

Robertson also notes that having a strong relationship with M&T helps AAT land business by assuring potential clients that M&T will back the company if it needs to grow to handle prospective contracts.

In addition to helping AAT secure new business, M&T provides its line of credit, which can be tapped if there is a significant lag period between receiving invoice payments and processing payroll. M&T also furnishes ongoing capital as the business looks to new growth opportunities in 2012.

“With the help of M&T, we are able to fund the operations within the business,” said Robertson. “Beyond financing, it also provides the support, counsel and innovation that help fuel the company’s success.”