Engine of Growth

Submitted by: M&T Bank

Armando Almanza's video production dreams began while skateboarding as a kid in Galveston, Texas. With an 8mm camera in hand, Armando and his schoolmates would film and edit videos to premier to their friends. Armando’s ambitions were solidified when he met a CBS camera person at a local event and he realized that video production was the outlet that would allow him to travel, see new things, and meet new people.

Armando never lost sight of his ambition. Over a decade ago, he founded Ventana Productions, a full service video production company with offices in New York and D.C. Armando could not have done it alone and cites M&T Bank as a critical lifeline to the sustainability and expansion of his business. 

M&T Bank stepped into Armando’s business at a time when he needed them most. In the midst of 2008, Ventana Productions felt the same pressures as any other small business. They had to reduce nearly 30 percent of the workforce in the New York office, cut salaries, and were forced to begin looking at other revenue sources.

M&T Bank provided Armando with calm among the chaos. They helped Ventana Productions consolidate outstanding loans at a reasonable interest rate and provided new lines of credit to help the business back on its feet.
“Credit lines are critical to the life of the business and the ability to get to the phase we are in now,” said Armando.

Armando notes that M&T bankers have been there every step of the way, from exceptional service – even the little things like stopping a lost check – to offering advice on critical business decisions.

With the help of M&T, Ventana Productions is going strong today. It has grown to 40 employees, with plans to hire 10 more this year. 2011 marked Ventana Productions’ best year-to-date, and Armando is optimistic that 2012 will be just as successful.